I love to create custom-made paintings with acrylics that are inspired by portraits.

Creating custom-made paintings from your photos involves a thoughtful process. Here’s how it works:

  1. Photo Selection: To start, we’ll carefully select a suitable photo that resonates with your vision. This photo will serve as the inspiration for your unique artwork.
  2. Concept Exploration: Next, we’ll brainstorm ideas and explore various concepts, including color palettes and themes. This step ensures that your painting aligns perfectly with your preferences.
  3. Digital Sketch: Following our discussions, I will create a digital sketch. This sketch provides a preview of how the final painting will appear. It allows you to visualise and confirm that the artwork captures your vision and meets your expectations.

By following these steps, we can collaboratively bring your custom-made painting to life, ensuring it reflects your unique symbols and incorporates my artistic style.

Example: 950 EUR (Includes one portrait on canvas size 120x80cm)

If you have an idea then don’t hesitate to reach out to me at: art@jaanatenno.com

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